Vale Barry Priori


Hello, my name is Debra Swann, I am the President of Deaf Australia.  We are extremely saddened to share the passing of one of our members, Barry Priori.


Barry was a member of Deaf Australia for numerous years and served on the Board around the year of 1995 when we were known as AAD prior to the change of our name to Deaf Australia.  He also served on the board of SAAD, the South Australian branch of Deaf Australia.

Barry was one of the founders of Sign Language Australia, a business providing support to the South Australian Deaf community through Auslan classes and interpreting booking services.


Barry had a strong belief that Auslan and Deaf culture belonged to the Deaf community and that the acknowledgement of this was very important in our work.  Through his work with Auslan and teaching the language, Barry touched the lives of so many people on the journey of learning Auslan.


Barry was involved in the production of a 30 minutes documentary film, “The Silent World of Barry Priori: Signing not waving”.  This film documents the important journey of his life in a Deaf world from the 1950’s to present day.

On behalf of the board, staff and members, we express our sincere condolences to Barry’s family, friends and colleagues.  Our thoughts are with you all.

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