World Day of Social Justice


Hi, I’m Kathryn Armfield [sign name]. I’m the first practising Deaf lawyer in Queensland, and I use Auslan! I have my own law firm, Armfield O’Brien Law, here in Brisbane. 

Today is the World Day of Social Justice. Social justice means what everyone should receive equal access to social, economic, and political opportunities. I hope for the Australian government to recognise that all Deaf Australians deserve to receive information in their own language, Auslan. Have a good day, bye!

Visual description

Opening slide: Graphic title on a gradient green and beige background. Features white Deaf Australia logo and text “Day of Significance Update”. The title of the video is in a white button with green text that reads “World Social Justice Day 20th February”. Below there is white text that reads “With special guest Kathryn Armfield”.

Video: Kathryn Armfield is wearing a black t-shirt and has short blonde hair. They are sitting outside at a wooden table with green leafy trees in the background. They are signing in a friendly and emphatic manner towards the camera, and they end the video with a broad smile.

Closing slide: Graphic that features different ways to get in touch with Deaf Australia. Deaf Australia logo is in the center at the top. Content reads “[Email icon] [email protected], [Website icon] deafaustralia.org.au, [Post box icon] PO Box 31 Northcote, Victoria 3070, [Facebook icon] Deaf Australia, [Instagram icon] deafaustralia, [Twitter icon] @deafaustralia”.

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