Deaf Australia rely on donations for Deaf Australia to undertake range of activities that aim at improving the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people through lobbying, campaigning or advocating the government, industry and other stakeholders to ensure that our needs are met. Area of issues includes but not limited to:

  • Early development and education for (deaf children and families);
  • Interpreting issues and needs (including emergency announcements);
  • Accessibility to services (captioning, cinemas, banking, insurance, public transports, etc);
  • Communication technology and services (NBN, internet, equipment, telephone/ mobile, NRS);
  • Government issues (Census, NDIS, Education, Health and Mental Health, Aged Care, Communications, etc);
  • Board and members workshops, trainings and events (e.g. National Week of Deaf People);
  • And more.

Deaf Australia does not receive recurrent (ongoing) funding from the government and have applied for and received some project funding. These project funding are specific activities that are designed to improve specific outcomes, but not the general activities listed above.

There are four Appeals that Deaf Australia is currently undertaking:

  • General Appeal – to enable Deaf Australia to undertake unfunded activities.
  • Deaf Children Literacy Appeal – to improve the literacy of deaf children through partnership with Huawei’s StorySign project (see
  • Deaf Bushfires Appeal – to provide communication support and communication equipment for deaf and hard of hearing families who are affected by the bushfires.
  • Rights for All Appeal – to undertake specific activity in lobbying the state and territory governments to amend its Jury Act to allow deaf and hard of hearing people to serve as a member of jury.

Or you can donate directly (i.e. bank transfer), please contact Deaf Australia at info(at) to obtain information how you can transfer the fund.

Please note that Deaf Australia is a registered charity and all donation over $2.00 is tax deductible. Please contact Deaf Australia to receive a statement.

… you can be part of the change you want to see in the world!

  • Become a member or supporter (Join Deaf Australia)
  • Attend Deaf Australia events
  • Participate in community consultations
  • Volunteer for a committee or help in the office or The Auslan Shop
  • Help with fundraising
  • Provide feedback on Deaf Australia’s work
  • Make a bequest (in your will)
  • Make a donation