The community vote will be open to anyone (of any age) in the Handshapes category from 7th April, 9pm AEST to 13th April, 12pm AEST. The winners will be announced after closing.

We will only accept one vote per age category. 


  1. Click the circle with play icon to watch video
  2. After watching all the videos, go to the button ‘Vote now’ beneath the videos
  3. Cast your vote!

You will complete your vote on survey monkey

Age Category: Children (5-12 years old)
A Day Out by Alexis
Basketball Competition by Chau
Big Red Caterpillar by Hasas
Cockatoo Story by Emma-Rose
Covid Ode by Taj
Dinner Time by Anja
Hair Swap by Keira
Possum in the Zoo by Alina
The Rugby Story by Zahara
Age Category: Teen (13-19 years old)
Untitled by Atharv
Untitled by Ezrah
Untitled by Hamid
Untitled by Oliver
Untitled by Kyson
Mosquito by Mariam
Untitled by Najah
Untitled by Rita
Snowman by Mohammad
Age Category: Adult (20-59 years old)
Auslan Festival Day by Thomas
Everyday of my mirror life by Tanya
Golf by Ian
Keep our history by Ramas
Restaurant by Tamara
Strange World by Franco
Class by Amanda
Age Category: Seniors (59-99 years old)

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