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An open letter to the National Rugby League (NRL)

Mr Todd Greenberg
Chief Executive Officer
National Rugby League Ltd
Rugby League Central
Driver Avenue, Moore Park NSW 2021
RE: Congratulations and acknowledgement of National Anthem in Auslan at Grand Final
Dear Mr Greenberg,
Deaf Australia would like to congratulate National Rugby League Ltd for including Auslan at the 2016 NRL Grand Final on 2 October 2016. It was very inspiring to see a deaf interpreter sign the national anthem in Auslan (Australian Sign Language).
By including Auslan in your 2016 NRL Grand Final, you are including many deaf Rugby League fans, and showing inclusiveness and diversity in NRL. Inclusiveness and diversity has been a central theme for the NRL over recent years, and it is pleasing to see the NRL “walk the talk” while other national football codes have yet to do so. I look forward to the other football codes follow the example set by the NRL.
Most importantly, thank you for using a deaf interpreter, that is, an interpreter who is deaf himself. By using a deaf interpreter, we receive an Auslan translation of the national anthem from someone who is a native signer. Deaf Australia strongly supports the use of deaf interpreters whenever practical to do so, particularly at significant national events like the NRL Grand Final.
Thank you for your support of the Australian deaf community.
If your office requires further information about Deaf Australia, please contact our Chief Executive, Kyle Miers, at [email protected].
Yours sincerely,
Todd Wright
Deaf Australia
8 October, 2016

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