Andrew & Jaycob named winners of Deaf Australia’s awards!

Deaf Australia would like to thank those who nominated individuals for the three awards we were giving to acknowledge and highlight those who’ve worked tirelessly in the Deaf community. It was not an easy decision to make; we know there are many within the community who work hard for the benefit of the community rather than themselves.

We are pleased to announce that the winner for the award Deaf Australian of the Year is Jaycob Campbell.

Jaycob was nominated for his artwork in Rainbow Alley in Melbourne (https://flash-fwd.com/laneway/rainbow-alley), which promotes his artwork and our culture and language by showing handshapes. Thousands of people would have seen Jaycob’s artwork and googled him. This would increase awareness of the Deaf community, culture and language. We applaud Jaycob for his amazing artwork which helps increase pride in our language.

The winner for the award Deaf Community Volunteer of the Year is Andrew Welshe.

Andrew has volunteered with the SES for a very long time, and is very well regarded in his community. The Darwin family nominated Andrew because they appreciated how passionate Andrew was about his role within the SES – and they could see that Andrew was very well regarded within the SES community. We applaud Andrew for his passionate volunteering, and showing the world how Deaf people can volunteer successfully in emergency services.

We are unable to announce the Deaf Australian Youth of the Year 2021 award as there were no nominations in this category.

Congratulations to Jaycob and Andrew!

If you would like to see more information about the awards, please watch the SGM video on Facebook here at 47mins 47 secs.

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