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Aussie First: Deaf Friendly Mobile Phone Plans Available Now!

Many Deaf people have felt frustrated in the past because mobile phone plans always include a charge for voice calls, which deaf people don’t need or use.

Deaf Australia and many members of the Deaf community have had to negotiate with telecommunications providers individually to get a tailored mobile plan that suits their needs. Sometimes this worked well and sometimes it didn’t, and many Deaf people ended up paying a monthly fee for voice calls that they didn’t use.
Deaf Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with not-for-profit phone and internet provider; Jeenee Mobile.
Jeenee Mobile launched a new Deaf-friendly mobile phone plan today that only includes SMS and internet data – it does not include voice calls. This saves money for Deaf people who don’t need a voice call service.
Jeenee have also launched a new system for Deaf people who need to contact the company about changes or problems with their service. Most phone companies require the Deaf person to try to speak on the phone, and won’t accept an interpreter or a friend speaking for the Deaf person. Jeenee Mobile can set up a password/pin number system so that Deaf people can identify themselves through a third party, such as an interpreter ringing on their behalf.
Both of these new initiatives have never been done in Australia before!
Jeenee Mobile is a not-for-profit disability social enterprise, using the Optus 4G network.
The plan from Jeenee Mobile offers unlimited text and MMS to any mobile phones on any carrier across Australia plus 100MB of data. There are also options to increase the monthly data limit.
“Deaf Australia congratulates Jeenee Mobile on both of these initiatives that are tailored to suit the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people,” said Kyle Miers, Chief Executive of Deaf Australia. “This is a great win for the Deaf community and for Deaf Australia.”
The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), is also glad to see text and data only plans on the market as well as the flexible customer support arrangements being launched by Jeenee Mobile.
“In the past, consumers who are Deaf or hard of hearing have had to pay for voice inclusions in their mobile phone plans that they don’t use. Tailored plans that suit the needs of these consumers are welcome,” said ACCAN Disability Policy Advisor, Wayne Hawkins.
Jeenee Mobile’s General Manager, Jeremy Way, said: “Jeenee Mobile aims to provide a complete service that makes mobile as accessible and inclusive as possible for EVERY Australian. As a not-for-profit Telco, we pride ourselves on doing the things that the other Telco’s either can’t, don’t or won’t do. We’re pleased to be able to offer a tailored solution that suits the needs of the Deaf community. We also welcome the opportunity for Jeenee Mobile to partner with Deaf Australia.”
As part of the partnership with Jeenee Mobile, Deaf Australia will receive a donation for any connection to Jeenee Mobile when ‘DeafAus’ is quoted in the application. Subscribers also receive free set up and postage of their SIM card.
This means you can support Deaf Australia and get a great value mobile plan at the same time.
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