Response to “Hear and Speak” ad on Brisbane bridge


Hello, I’m Jen. This video is about the ad on the bridge in Brisbane, the one that said “Deaf children can hear and speak.” I have seen a lot of people in the Deaf community upset about this and they want Deaf Australia to do something about it. We have been keeping an eye on the situation. We will contact and make sure they understand our perspective. We still believe in advocating for all Deaf children using both Auslan and English, doesn’t matter if spoken or written. Or another language at home that they use. I wanted to let you know, please do continue to contact us through our email if you need anything. If you post on social media, sometimes we don’t see it. It’s better to email us directly at [email protected]. Thanks, bye!

Visual description

Jen is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. She has curly red hair and is wearing glasses. She is standing outside in front of a fence with some green bushes and trees in the background.

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