SGM: Why change to company?


Deaf Australia is a national organisation. Deaf Australia is currently under the law governing South Australian incorporated associations. Deaf Australia does not just help people who are deaf and hard of hearing in South Australia. Changing to a company will make it easier for Deaf Australia to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing across all of Australia.   

Currently, Deaf Australia is based in Victoria. Deaf Australia should not have the report to South Australian state regulators (Control) if it is not based in South Australia. Deaf Australia has not been based in South Australia for some time.   

Once Deaf Australia changes to a company, it can benefit from the law governing in companies in Australia and recent changes to these laws. The law governing companies in Australia is modern. It helps companies run meetings and pursue their activities / business without increasing burden or difficulty for members or directors.  

Changing to a company will reduce the number of government regulators (control) that Deaf Australia must deal with. Currently Deaf Australia must deal with three regulators:   

Consumer and Business Services, which regulates incorporated association in South Australia;  

  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which regulates companies; and  
  • The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits commission (ACNC), which regulates charities.   
  • Once Deaf Australia changes to a new Company registered as a charity with ACNC, Deaf Australia will only be required to comply with the regulatory obligations with the ACNC (and in some situation, with ASIC).  

This will simplify the obligations of Deaf Australia as a company.   

As mentioned before Deaf Australia is based in Victoria not in South Australia. We hope we have your support.  

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