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Celebrating Deaf Culture during NWDP

What are you doing to celebrate Deaf people, culture and community this year?

National Week of Deaf People (NWDP) is happening this year from 18-24 October 2014, under the theme “Strengthening Human Diversity”.
It’s a weeklong national celebration of Deaf individuals and the Australian Deaf community.
So start thinking about how you might be able to make people more aware of your local, state and national Deaf communities and celebrate our Deaf community, language, culture and history.
It is also an opportunity for organisations involved with, or wishing to be involved with the Deaf Community to:

  • Showcase their services and/or products
  • Build/maintain relationships with Deaf People
  • Be recognised for giving Deaf people a fair go

Go to the Deaf Australia NWDP page to find out more about NWDP and register your event so it can be promoted as part of the nationwide events calendar for 2014.
Event registrations close Friday 26 September 2014

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