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Hello, I am Sherrie, the Vice President of Deaf Australia Board. Deaf Australia, along with various board members, will be traveling across Australia from June until August to meet with the Deaf community for four reasons:

1. Deaf Australia Constitution consultation.

2. Deaf community consultation for Deaf Australia.

3. NDIS Review - this will be a paid opportunity for participants.

4. NDIS Youth Review - each state will have a young person responsible to run this workshop. 

The dates for these events will be provided in text and they will be scheduled over the weekends to ensure community participation. We will advertise the dates, times, and locations, so please stay tuned. RSVP is essential for attendance. I look forward to seeing you in Tasmania on the 3rd of June. Bye.

Visual description

Visual description opening slide:

Background is a green and beige gradient with white Deaf Australia logo at the top center. The main title is green text in a white button that reads “DA Australia Tour”. Above the button is small white text that reads “Message from Board Member Sherrie Beaver”.

Visual description video:

Video is of Sherrie signing against a dark blue background. She is wearing a black t-shirt and wire-rimmed glasses. She has light skin and short curly brown hair. She is signing in a professional manner.

Visual description tour dates slide:

Background is a green and beige gradient with white text as the content. Deaf Australia logo is in the upper right hand corner. Mini-title at the top reads “Australia-wide Roadtrip”. List of cities, dates and people that will be meeting across Australia as follows: “1) Tasmania. Saturday 3 June + Sunday 4 June with Jen*, Catherine* and Sherrie**. 2) Adelaide. Saturday 17 June + Sunday 18 June with Jen* and Debra**. 3) Canberra. Friday 23 June + Saturday 24 June with Jen* and Brooke**. 4) Darwin. Saturday 1 July + Sunday 2 July with Jen*, Paula* and Debra**. 5) Melbourne. Saturday 23 July + Sunday 24 July with Jen*, Karthik** and Deaf VIC. 6) Sydney. Saturday 29 July + Sunday 30 July and with Jen*, Paula* and Brooke**. 7) Perth. Saturday 5 Aug + Sunday 6 Aug with Jen* and Susan**. 8) Brisbane. Saturday 12 Aug + Sunday 13 Aug with Jen*, Julie** and DCCQ. 9) Cairns. Saturday 19 Aug + Sunday 20 Aug with Jen* and Julie**. *DA Staff Member **DA Board Member.” Bottom text reads “Email [email protected] to secure your spot.”

Visual description closing slide:

Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo on a green and blue gradient background. Text reads “Deaf Australia is a Deaf-leg advocacy and information organisation in Australia representing all Deaf, Deafblind, and hard-of-hearing people and others who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as their language of preference. Contact us: [email icon] [email protected], [website icon], [Instagram and Twitter icons] @deafaustralia, [Facebook icon] DeafAustraliaInc”

Hobart, Tasmania

Remember the DA Australia Tour? Here are the details for our Hobart, Tasmania stop! 🚌 💨

We will be there on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June at the Mathers House. We’re hosting three different workshops that you can attend:
🔹 DA Constitution consultation and Deaf community consultation
🔹 NDIS Youth Review (paid opportunity)
🔹 NDIS Review (paid opportunity)

Who will be there? Jen, Catherine and and Vice-Chairperson Sherrie.

Make sure you RSVP via our form:

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