NSW Inquiry: Auslan interpretation for broadcasting


This is an important announcement for the NSW Deaf community.

Within the NSW Government there are two chambers, being the Lower House and the Upper House.

The Upper House is called the Legislative Council within Parliament.

There is a proposal which we are submitting for inquiry called ‘Auslan interpretation for broadcasting’.

This proposal calls for, discussion within the Legislative Council, proposals, meetings, announcements, any form discourse, that there must be an Auslan interpreter present.

This proposal is not calling for an interpreter in all other areas of the Government, only discourse within the Legislative Council.

This call for interpreters to be present is to make sure the NSW Deaf community who want to be informed with what is happening within the Government, have access.

Within the proposal there are ‘terms of reference’, which are, the terms or needs specified in the proposal, what they actually look like, the process of implementing and sustaining the terms. This makes sure that the defined terms and criteria are met and not deviated. These are referred to in short as TOR.

The TOR are very clear and concise, they state, the UN Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities must be followed, which includes providing access for all people, Deaf people included.

The inquiry must investigate if an Auslan interpreter can be present in Parliament, and if not then what other options can be made accessible, for example captioning or other methods, to make sure it is accessible for all people. Also, to be investigated is any other factors linked to accessibility within the Legislative Council to ensure full accessibility for the Deaf community.

Deaf Australia is asking the NSW Deaf community to review these submissions, provide comment if you agree or disagree, your ideas, recommendations, changes, anything that can support this notion.

If you would like to support but don’t know how, please contact Deaf Australia and we can support you with advice through the process.

This inquiry will close on the 5th August, which is fast approaching and your submissions will need to come through prior to the 5th August.

Thank you.

Factsheet: Making a submission

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Terms of Reference (TOR)

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Template for writing a submission

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