Auslan Shop Update (1 March 2022)


Hello, I have an update from Auslan Shop. There’s unfortunately a problem with deliveries being late in Queensland and the north of NSW for people who’ve ordered things from the Auslan Shop. I apologise for the impact of deliveries; there’s a delay of about five days.  Thank you for your patience and understanding over the delays. The delays are from: Brisbane and its regions; Bundaberg; Cairns; Gladstone; Gold Coast and its regions; Lismore; Mackay; Maryborough; Rockhampton; Sunshine Coast; Toowoomba and Townsville.  If you’re worried or wondering where’s your delivery, if you’ve been given the tracking number, please follow that tracking number. If you want to find out something or have a question, please contact me and I will answer. Thank you again for your patience and understanding over this situation which is bad luck. I hope those who live in these areas are keeping safe.   

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